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Focused on the markets, we "think out of the box"

TANN GERMANY is focused on innovation and individual solutions in order to support customers' ideas and market requirements. Our R&D team is constantly working to improve our products and production processes according to the latest technologies.


  • Highest printing quality with rotogravure cylinders
  • Up to ten colours are possible
  • Huge range of specialty inks are available
  • Several security systems can be printed (overt and covert)
  • Use of low migration inks for food contact packaging
The Printing process
The Coating Process


  • Simultaneous coating of silicone and pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Very low grammature of silicone coating established with an excellent release property
  • In-line control of coated amount of silicone
  • Several water-based adhesive systems are available for different applications
  • Continuous control and regulation of the grammature level of adhesive
  • Only glues certified for food contact materials are used


  • Several slitting technologies are on hand: rotary shear slitting, razor slitting and crush cut slitting
  • Excellent know-how in slitting of narrow tapes (down to 0.37 mm) and winding onto spools in traversing technique
  • A huge number of winding units are available to slit several tapes simultaneously
  • Many different dimensions of core inner diameters as well as lengths are available
The Slitting Process