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Tear Tape —
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Tear Tape – Security and Authentication Solutions

TANN GERMANY aims to supply tailor-made and unique solutions with different levels of security based on customer requirements and the individual business sector and threat posed. Our research and development team is constantly striving to optimise and extend the wide range of visible and non-visible features and security solutions.

The Solution of Tear Tape

The self-adhesive Tear Tape toptape® is the ideal marketing tool because it has the ability to position consumer messaging at the point where consumers make their decisions. As an eye-catcher, it combines the advantages of an easy opening solution with your required advertising message as well as product and brand security. Bespoken printing designs with up to 10 colours, an excellent appearance and perfect adhesion properties stand for the high quality of toptape®.

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  • Cost-effective solutions to most packaging applications (high tensile strength, solid colours)
  • Quick and easy access to the product when tearing the tape
  • Ideal medium for branding and communication
  • Great marketing tool
  • Combination with security applications for brand and product security


  • Standard tapes in transparent, plain colours, lines and dots
  • Printing designs with up to 10 colours (rotogravure),
    4+1 colours (digital printing)
  • Can be combined with metallic colours or holograms
  • Width between 1.6 mm and 15 mm
  • Length up to 120 km per reel
  • Base film thickness from 26 to 125 microns
  • Inner core diameter 30 mm, 76 mm, 82 mm, 152 mm
  • Base material MOPP, PET and biodegradable film
  • Certified for food contact applications
The Solution of Tear Tape

The sector that TANN GERMANY operates in is the global consumer goods market.

This alone covers a vast market sector with multiple product variations from tobacco through to confectionery / biscuits to the growing fulfilment market. TANN GERMANY realises that every section of this vast market is dynamic, and with our expertise, support and technological innovation we offer our global customer base the right solution to their needs in an ever changing market place, be it for the tobacco, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and many others. TANN GERMANY offers the convenience of a quick, safe opening of consumer packaging.

Overt Solutions/ Brand Enhancement

  • Sophisticated inks like colour shift or pearlescent inks
  • Different types of base films e.g. metallized film with colour shift effect
  • Complex print designs
  • Micro text and Guilloche print
  • Holograms – metallized, de-metallized and high refractive index (HRI) transparent effects

Covert Solutions

  • UV fluorescent inks
  • Non-visible TAGGANTS which can only be detected with specific devices
  • Network based track-and-trace solutions

Tapes for various industrial applications

  • Resealable tape
  • Heat sealable tape for the food industry
  • Reinforcement tape
  • Wrapping tapes for the cable industry
  • Variable data printed tapes with digitally printed unique codes for promotion campaigns and loyalty programmes