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Retro-reflective Yarn —
The Art of Safety

Member of Mayr-Melnhof Group

Retro-reflective Yarn - Our contribution to more traffic safety

The retro-reflective yarn by TANN GERMANY significantly contributes to the safety of road users in the dark. Thousands of tiny, hollow glass beads, only visible under a microscope, are applied to both sides of a carrier film (polyester). They reflect incident light beams, for example from car headlights. This substantially increases the visibility of children, pedestrians, runners and cyclists.

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  • Can be processed in fabrics used for the production of outer garments and in bands as well as strips
  • Is usable in other applications such as the knitting industry because it can be spun into threads with yarn made from natural fibres
  • The retro-reflective yarn is dye resistant, which means the dyeing process can be done after weaving
  • An overlapping gluing of the film web to produce glue joints ensures that the retro-reflection is not adversely affected. The knot-free thread spool facilitates perfect processing


  • Retro reflection: 280 cd/lux/m² (cd = candela; lux = illuminance)
  • Yarn widths from 0.37 mm to 2.00 mm
  • Spool lengths from 4,000 m to 15,000 m (cores with side discs, diabolo core and jumbo core)
Example of a retro-reflective yarn